Your campsite has selected CAMPEZ COUVERT for you, in order to offer you the best insurance in case of cancellation or early interruption of your stay.


Campez Couvert : cancellations are sometimes good !

The guarantee to be fully refunded in case of unforeseen circumtances !

Campez Couvert is stronger than your credit card :

  • Everyone is covered, no kinship required
  • It’s easy and fast !
  • 95% of files reimbursed !


What to do in case of cancellation of stay ?

  1. Notify the campsite of your cancellation or early departure
  2. Declare your cancellation or interruption of stay :
    – on website :
    – by e-mail :
    – by fax : 09 72 28 76 92
    – par mail : Gritchen Affinity – Service sinistres 27 Rue Charles Durand – CS 70139 – 18021 BOURGES Cedex
  3. You are reimbursed 72h after receipt of your file !


About credit cards

Some credit cards can be used to cancel your stay in case of death or serious illness only. In addition, the conditions and processing time are very variable. Check the conditions of your credit card contract.
You also have the possibility to quickly and easily subscribe to our complete and quality insurance, with an unprecedented processing time !


Campez Couvert insurance guarantees all cancellations that are not of your doing. Clearly, everything is guaranteed except the change of opinion !

What we guarantee :

  • Death, accident or serious illness, hospitalization of the insured person, or a relative of the family.
  • Material damage or major theft.
  • Complications of pregnancy of insured.
  • State of pregnancy contra-indicating the stay by the very nature of it.
  • Redundancy, end of contract.
  • Call for a remedial examination.
  • Contraindication and follow-up vaccination.
  • Depressive state, mental, nervous or mental illness.
  • Severe damage to vehicle.
  • Getting a job.
  • Removal or modification of paid leave.
  • Vocational transfer.
  • Refusal of tourist visa.
  • Summons : for the adoption of a child as a witness or juror for an organ transplant.
  • Natural disasters (within the meaning of Law No. 86-600 of 13 July 1986 as amended).
  • Prohibition of the site.
  • Cancellation of one of the persons accompanying the insured (maximum 9 persons).
  • Separation (PACS or wedding).Find all the general terms and conditions of insurance at

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